Designed to reach school-aged children in grades 6 through 12, this frank conversation about domestic violence, drunk driving, gateway drugs, and peer pressure will bring a real-world face to problems kids face every day. Vance will share highlights from his NFL career and journey to sobriety, then field questions from the students.



In this very personal presentation, Vance will share his story with brutal honesty and transparency. Starting with his toxic childhood environment in Trenton, NJ. He will talk about the athletic prowess that landed him on the biggest and brightest stages (including the NCAA Track & Field Championships, the Pan American games, and ultimately the NFL gridiron) and the addiction to pills and alcohol that took it all away. His speed on the field was matched by an equally fast paced and chaotic lifestyle on the field. His story about finding redemption, faith, and recovery will inspire the audience and leave them with a better understanding of the power of addiction, and the overwhelming strength of hope and love.



Vance’s motivational story about the power of God’s love and forgiveness is one that people of all faiths can relate to. When he was brought to his lowest point in a canyon in Colorado, it was God’s name he called, and God who answered that call, delivering Vance from the powerful control of addictions and trauma. Vance is a firm believer in the strength one can find in Christ, and the solace found in the pages of the Bible. He will motivate your audience to love the Lord as much as he does, and inspire everyone with an incredible story of loss, heartache, and recovery, all with the power of God at the helm.

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