Hi I’m Brandon’s mom. I just wanted you to know that Brandon was inspired by your story. One of his most coveted possessions [after] coming home was the card you gave him. Thank you so much for the help you and the rest of the staff gave my son. It’s good to see his smile again. By
the way, he’s into football now. That’s just a bonus for us. Cheer a little for the Seahawks!

Anita S.

Last year in November I was in treatment. I attended all of your meetings that you spoke [at] and I have to say you helped me a lot. I am proud to say that I am almost 11 months clean after a setback, but things are going really great I would love to talk to you, I just wanted to stop by, show you some love, and let you know you inspired me. Thank you, Vance.

Cody P.

Hope all is well. My name is Sal. I went through treatment back in June. I’m currently living in the Boynton Beach area and just celebrating 8 months of sobriety. I’m reaching out to thank you for all the kind words you offered me during my stay. I would love to come up and visit and the patients sometime soon. Recovery has been an amazing journey so far and I would love to share my experience with the patients and explain what has worked for me.

Sal V.

Thank you for helping and inspiring so many people. I am the proud mother of the young man you spoke with in Colorado Springs and [who] was featured near the end of the NFL film. His name is Jesse and today is day 105 of his sobriety!

God bless you and thank you for helping and inspiring so many people.

Janet G.